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Introduction to Social Media

Leveraging digital media and your online presence is essential for being heard.  For those new to social media or specific social networks, Blend can help get you started.

• Account setup on various social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, FourSquare, Flickr and more.
• Content upload and development, including videos, photos, company descriptions, etc. 
• Design profile pictures, custom landing pages, backgrounds, etc

Planning, Forecasting and Marketing

• Communicate key themes and messaging that match company mission, marketing programs, product launches and campaigns
• Develop a social media communications strategy that integrates with other forms of company communications
• Develop content calendar and posting plan
• Drive relevance, engagement and growth with targeted clientele for all social networks through various online marketing channels


• Create promotions targeted at reaching company’s social media goals, including brand development, follower acquisition, user interactivity, and promotion of sales or fundraising initiatives
• Design of all promotional elements, execution of the promotions and tracking of promotion’s impact 


• Consultation on preferred social media advertising channels of your organization
• Development of social media ad campaigns
• Tracking and measurement of advertising impact

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves adding content and editing the code on your website to make it “visible” to search engines. The more “visible” your site is to search engines the higher they will rank you when users search.  The SEO process starts by deciding which keywords you want to submit and focus on. These keywords should be the most common terms that visitors would search for when looking for products/services that your business offers. After the keywords have been determined we will then build content and alter the website code to reflect the determined “focus” of the website. When a search engine, like Google, evaluates your website it should have a clear picture of what the sites focus is based on the search engines “Ranking Criteria”.  The more pages that are optimized on your website the better your chances of gaining a higher position on a search engines organic ranking.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) refers to efforts made out side of your website, via advertising and link sharing on external websites, with the purpose of driving traffic to your website and increasing your domains search engine organic ranking.  Most common techniques include creating “backlinks” by posting blog comments, submitting keyword relevant articles, posting company information in public and private directories, and sharing links. Additional methods include pay per click (PPC) campaigns, microsite creation, video submissions, and shopping cart product submissions for e-commerce sites.