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An Invitation to Change Everything:
The People’s Climate March –  Sierra Club

The People’s Climate March was the largest demonstration in New York City in a decade and the largest environmental march in global history. Held just prior to the United Nation’s Emergency Summit on Climate, the event was hosted by the Sierra Club, 350, Avaaz and more than 2000 organizations worldwide. Blend was charged with securing national media for the Club before, during and after the event as well as the UN Summit. Messaging was framed around the opportunity (clean energy is good for jobs and the economy) and responsibility we all have in addressing climate change on a global level.

More than 400,000 people attended the march with over 250 media on site.  The event generated 775 media hits reaching a total of 275 million people with secured placements including NPR Evening, Morning and Weekend Editions, NBC Evening News, The Daily Show, New York Times, Huffington Post, Slate, Mashable, Salon, Grist, USA Today, Mother Jones, All in with Chris Hayes ,The Ed Show, Associated Press and Bloomberg. Social media shares of FB reached 4 million and Twitter reached 2.2 billion people across 70 countries.   Need help being heard?  Click Here

Message Development

Blend Team:
Aaron Heinrich
Abby Scher, Ph.d
Andrew Posey

Services Provided:

Frame and Message Development

National Marquee Media Placements

Regional/Local Pre-event Press

Labor/Green Outreach

Spokesperson Development

Multicultural Outreach

Youth/University Outreach

Alliance and Network Building