National Alliance on Mental Illness

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National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

When a family first faces mental illness it’s like a bomb just went off. For many, this new normal begins at the reception desk of a locked facility. Emotionally raw, caregivers need to make critical decisions with virtually no information. It’s a step learning curve. NAMI’s Los Angeles County Council needed a public information campaign to help caregivers make important decisions  at this critical point-of-entry. The challenge was to communicate dense, complex information to someone that’s overwhelmed and unprepared. With no production budget, materials needed to be easy to customize and work on a variety of platforms.To simplify, content was divided into four key areas so that caregivers could absorb the content. For maximum flexibility, an oversized poster and tri-fold brochure system was created. QR codes were also inserted so information could be accessed digitally. With a sector that’s overlooked, underfunded and resource poor, the materials were already being requested while still in design. To date the system has been adopted by all 12 of LACC’s affiliates as well as in Orange Country, Riverside, Bakersfield and New Orleans. If you need help with your important work, please, click here.

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