ChangeLab Solutions

Policy Solutions for the Common Good

ChangeLab Solutions provides community-based solutions for America’s most common and preventable diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and asthma. Its work in tobacco control has saved $86 billion in healthcare costs and resulted in 25 percent fewer tobacco-related diseases in California alone.

Formerly Public Health Law Policy, the company needed a name that distinguished itself in a public health space populated with acronyms and similarly named organizations. The name also had to offer maximum flexibility to allow it to enter any municipality on any issue to foster policy change.  For the identity, a circle, which symbolizes the infinite nature of energy and change, serves as the foundation for the overall mark. The overlapping circles, like a Venn diagram, speak to a scientific approach to change, one that examines a variety of complex, often disparate elements to identify intersections for the right health solutions for the common good.

Other materials included website design and development, a complete brand usage guide, stationery, and internal office materials creating a consistent brand identity and a cohesive communication program for this growing organization. Click Here

Naming & Branding

Public Health Law Policy
From Vision to Action

Law & policy solutions
for the common good.™

Blend Team:
Andrew Posey
Tsai Yi Chan
Marcia Gimbrone
Sheri Becker
Liz Stallings
Rebecca Goodberg
James Klein

Branding / Creative:
Matthew Bright

Services Provided:

Research & Brand Audit Assessment

Brand positioning

Brand & Organizational Identity

Web Design & Development

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